Hoang Pham

David Helfgott Encore Concert

David Helfgott’s recital in Melbourne last year was a thrilling occasion and he is back this year for an encore performance. Quite simply, Helfgott at the piano is an experience like no other.

For those who have forgotten or are too young to remember, David Helfgott was the Australian pianist catapulted to fame by the 1996 film Shine, in which Geoffrey Rush memorably incarnated the tangled story of his life. Today, Helfgott remains a major international force on the concert stage where his virtuoso performances continue to impress his legion of admirers around the world. This special one-off concert features solo works and Helfgott’s signature ‘Rach 3’ accompanied by Hoang Pham on second piano.

Presented by Hoang Pham Productions