Hoang Pham


About Hoang Pham

Hello, my name is Hoang Pham and my greatest hobby is the piano. It also happens to be my job that I love. I perform concerts on stage by myself, sometimes with other musicians, and on special occasions with orchestras. I do gigs like many others, travel occasionally, but love presenting my own concerts. In 2016, I started Hoang Pham Productions and this is my presenting company. When you see this presenter name, you know that the concert is 100% mine.

I was born in Vietnam and came to Australia with my parents when I was a baby. Here in Australia, my love for the piano grew naturally and quickly. My dad was my first teacher but my “proper” piano teacher was Rita Reichman and she was my greatest early musical influence. I’ve been fortunate to have positive memories of many concerts over the years but I guess for the sheer occasion of it all, performing on stage in Istanbul with the legendary David Helfgott was very special.

Life can be frantic at times teaching piano, travelling, performing, presenting concerts and looking after my two little girls. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope to see you at one of my concerts online or in person!