Hoang Pham In Concert

The Beautiful Blue Danube

Johann Strauss’ famous ‘Blue Danube’ Waltz is the dashing conclusion to this Viennese-inspired program of Beethoven and Schubert

A love of piano playing evident from the very first notes.The Advertiser

Written at the end of the 18th century, the opening of Beethoven’s ‘Pathetique’ Sonata continues to impress today for its dramatic power. Twenty years later, the ailing Schubert would complete his own Sonata in C minor. Only months away from his death, this work remains one of Schubert’s crowning achievements. Johann Strauss’ famous ‘Blue Danube’ Waltz provides the dashing conclusion to this program which also includes popular works by Brahms, Rachmaninoff and the thrilling Chopin Ballade in G minor.


Beethoven Sonata in C minor, Op.13 ‘Pathetique’
Brahms Intermezzo in A-flat, Op.119
Rachmaninoff Prelude in G minor, Op.23
Chopin Ballade in G minor, Op.23
Schubert Sonata in C minor, D958
Strauss/Schulz-Evler Concert Arabesques on ‘The Beautiful Blue Danube’

Duration: Approximately 2 hours, including interval

 Presented by Hoang Pham Productions